Aasimar Names 5E D&D 2020

Aasimar Names 5e: Aasimar means they are generally names that co-ordinate to traditions of a human. They both have Male and Female names. The names are as follows:

Aasimar names

Male Names: Zaigan, Tural, Vitari, Aritian, Sentalial, Henzio, Crownier, Overmar, Exelar, Beltin, and Parant.

Female Names: Valtyra, Imesah, Davina, Nijena, Rhialla, Arken, Masozi, Drinma, Ondrea, Arsinoe, and Niramour.

Aasimar 5e 

Basically, the humans with glowing eyes, a power to release energy with the help of wings and celestial heritage are known as Aasimar 5e. They will protect from evil, a good guardian and force.

Names of Aasimar D&D

Few names are derived from the Origin of Angels with the help of name generator tool. Normally the human names are part of Dungeon & Dragon’s name generator.

We inform that the Angelic names are commonly sound strong and very melody to hear. Some common names will sound as Unisex and others will be unique for Male or Female.


Pathfinder universe is also another part of Aasimar Names. Humans with a huge amount of blood (which are celestial) are followed in Pathfinder lineage.

                                                                 Aasimar Pathfinder

The human’s heritage can reveal with multiple forms, skin or eyes, and hairs with shiny colours. Aasimars are very helpful to others, protect them from enemies but few of them are truly evil in nature and destroy similar humans.

Racial Traits – Aasimar 5E

  • Resistance to Electricity, Cold, Acid, and Heat.
  • Medium: Depending upon the size, they do not have a special penalty or bonus.
  • 30 feet is the best base land speed.
  • Bonus Languages: Sylvan, Halfling, Elven, Dwarven, Gnome, and Draconic. Humans can learn the above languages and get easier for good creatures communication.
  • Adjustment Level is incremented by +1
  • Aasimars has the ability to check the spots and listen.
  • Daylight (Sp): Only once the Aasimar can make use of the daylight level.
  • Outsider (native): They are outsiders which require them to eat and sleep.
  • The paladin will not be counted for any point penalty (even though they are experienced) for multi-classing.
  • Darkvision: Up to 60 feet, they can see only with a black & white feature. Otherwise, it will be considered as Normal sight. By default, they can see without any lights.


Aasimars are with a positive attitude and good will by nature. They are also approachable, pleasant and kind even with each other. Only a few Aasimars are cruel & evil hearted and kill other Aasimars to lead their position.


With a form of good alignment, they maintain an excellent relationship. They normally found with other Aasimars but they can also mingle with humanoids, dwarves or elves. They will also treat each and everyone with friendship and good respect.


Adventuring styles are automatically picked by the Aasimars. Many of them are eager to become a fighter, cleric or paladin and take control to lead the troops with lawful.

They do not wish to join barbarians or rogues who are named for cruelty.


We are happy to inform that the above-described information helps you to understand the Aasimar 5e Names and their own behaviours.

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