Firbolg 5e D&D (5th Edition Race)

The firbolgs a powerful race of giants who are preferred to avoid contact with other sentient races. These are not just powerful but are also intelligent at the same time. Their race resembles as like humans and mostly the males are sport great with thick beards.

The tough skin with fleshy pink texture makes them quite unique. Even though they are giants, they come up with many colours which are usually red or blonde and are worn long.

The voice is quite deep and smooth with the power to roll their consonants when speaking. Significant about these is their height, which stretches from over 10 feet or 3 meters long in an average of about 10.5 or 3.2 meters.

The firbolgs from other worlds weigh more than 800 pounds and those of faerun are lighter in comparison. The males being about 650 pounds and females about 500 pounds.

Discovering their abilities

The strength of a firbolg is strong than forest bears. Apart from the sheer physical strength, they have magical abilities. These are said to be resistant to magic and could sense the presence of magical speeches.

These even hold the power to change their physical appearances which let them grow larger or smaller on times. They also blend their body with their magical power to interact with smaller races. Incomparable of the sources stand on their excellent vision at night which permits them to see in the dark.

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There are some sages who claimed that the firbolg 5e are the most powerful ones and they communicate to a limited effect with plants and animals in the forests as well as turn themselves invisible.

These firbolgs enjoy an incredible personality quite times in the woods in harmony with nature. The forests were indeed sacred to them which symbolize the heart of the earth and the adaptability of their life.

For the reason, they found forest as their safest friend and they made themselves as the caretaker of the forests. Apart from these there are firebolgs from another world who have their tendency towards a lot of alignments as like those of faerun who were good lawfully in alignment.


Looking forward to the nature of the firbolgs 5e are considered to be one of the worst vices. They do believe that one should only what they need and not more than that. They also saw value in material wealth like that of gems and gold but sometimes would find prankish ways of taking these valuables from strangers out of the fun.

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It’s their value to charity by virtue but they also believe that it is harmful to the recipient to know the identity of the provider, because of this they appear to be reclusive amongst other races even though they are quite sociable with established friends. They are honest and don’t lie without feeling physical discomfort even if the lie was due to omission.

These firebolg 5e tends to be over confident and fearless, except for a pervasive phobia of the humanoid mobs. They were seen wearing armor as cowardly and for that reason didn’t usually wear armor nor did they carry any kind of shields. They get cautious and shrewd in their dealings with outsiders.

The most obvious thing is they don’t trust humans and demihumans. Among the non-giants, they were neutral with druids, elves and fey and are on good terms with the storm giants. These storm giants are the ones whom they looked up to and did try to emulate. But due to certain circumstances, they avoided other giant’s races and actively fought against the other giant kins.

A society to recognize

The firbolgs are completely family centred and bear a clan-based society. They serve themselves in settlements in remote hilly and forested locations and the settlements are strongholds. These settlements include wooden structures that are built from the trees around them.

These also hold defensive towers with catwalks between them. These firbolgs rarely inhabited carven complexes that are dug into the settlements which are quite small. The settlements are built for four and sixteen members that are often with a shaman or druid and do live separated from each other.

Even some of the firbolg clan is nomadic. The most typical homes of the firbolg are huge one story log building bearing strong walls. The large fireplace is with multiple openings warmed with a central common room. They are the caretakers of the woods and are quite careful and resourceful with living off the land.

They always make sure to ensure balance and mostly during summer they store an excess of nuts, fruits and berries that serves as food to the forest animals during winter. They eat small portions of meat with almost many meals, reserved large roast of meat for special celebrations.

Traits discovering

The firbolg 5e explains most of the excellent traits as like:-

  • Enhances the ability score as like the wisdom by 2 and the strength score by 1.
  • As the humanoids relate to the fey, the firbolgs bear a huge life span. They reaches adulthood around 30 and is believed to live 500 years the oldest possible.
  • The people follow the rhythm of nature and look themselves as care takers to the nature. But there are also some evil firbolg who are rare and are usually enemies to the rest.
  • With a bonus action, they can magically turn invisible until they start off the next turn or you attach and make any kind of damage to them.
  • They are amazingly filled with power buildup and have the ability to communicate limited with plants and beasts.


Above all, these firbolgs 5e are considered giant kins that stay aloof from other sentient races and are one of the most intelligent characters present among the kins.

They like to stay together in the form of colonies as like other civilizations. They mostly depend on farming practices of the creatures and prefer hunting and food gathering. So all together they can be said as early men who are gigantic and strong enough surviving hundreds of years ahead.

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