The Aasimar Race D&D 5th Edition (5E)

The Aasimar 5e in the D&D  is the humans with a large amount of celestial or excellent outsider blood in their ancestry. They are not always benevolent in nature when first encountered but they are more inclined to be kind than they are rude. They associate more with beings who are in celestial organisations.

The heritage of the Aasimar’s 5th Edition can lie dormant for years however they can suddenly be born to two human parents. Most of the societies in D&D associate the birth of the Aasimar as good fortune.

There are also some of the Aasimar‘s who take advantage of the prestige given to them by the people surrounding them. They can be sometimes cruel and evil making their good name ruined among the people. It is the one who is the least suspect who goes on to become a villain.

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Officially Website of Aasimar Race

They live double lives, being a good citizen among the people, on the other hand, being vicious and notorious. They keep their wrong deeds hidden from the general audience so they for a long time live unsuspected. But only a few are truly evil and for the most part, the Aasimars are good.

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What is Aasimar

Actually, Aasimar 5e is Race in D&D game. The Aasimar’s have the same physical description as humans for the most part. They have some of the traits that can display their special heritage. The hair of the Aasimar shines like the metal which will be quite exquisite to see.


The eyes are sparkling like gems. The skin contains lustre and they also have golden halos in them. They will look visible and distinguished in a crowd because of their good looks.

Dungeons and Dragons Aasimar 5e is a human native outsider with ultimate features. it is giving descendants of angels & rose due to the holy union of species. Aasimar D&D is a very taller height when we compared to the human race in d&d.

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Special traits of Aasimar 5e

  • Your score charisma will increase by two because of Aasimar.
  • Aasimar mature and grow similar to humans but they can live up to one fifty years.
  • Aasimar’s are naturally good because of their celestial powers only some go rogue and become evil.
  • The Aasimars have the same height and weight as human beings.
  • The base walking speeds of the Aasimar’s are thirty feet.
  • Aasimar can have the quality to see and move in the darkness because they have the power of dark vision. They can see in the dim light within sixty feet as same as in the daylight. They cannot see the colour in the darkness but only in the shades of grey.
  • They have the resistance to the damage of the radiant and necrotic because they have the special ability to shield themselves from the natural effects.
  • Aasimars have the ability to heal the creature that they touch. This is a particular trait they can use to build the scores until they take a long rest.
  • They can read and write the languages of the humans as well as the celestial.
  • There is the existence of three races of Aasimar one is protector Aasimar, the second kind is the scourge Aasimar and there is the fallen Aasimar. The players can choose one of the characters from the game.

The Aasimar called as protector

The protector Aasimar 5e D&D is charged and energised with the powers of good to safeguard the weaker races. They strike the evil and stand like a wall against the darkness. The protector Aasimar from the young age is advised and taught to save the lives of the people. They get direction to become an expert protector of the good side.


The protector Aasimar provides you with an increase of score by one. When you are in level three the actions will unveil the special powers that energise within the character where the eyes will sparkle and glimmer. The two wings of magnificence will appear at the back in this stage.

This transformation will last for over one minute until you end it. You can fly at this stage with the speed of thirty feet and can do damage to the opponents with the spell and the attack. You can use this spell until the transformation ends.

Aasimar Names

Following Aasimar Male and Female Names Available in D&D 5th Edition. as well as we can know fallen aasimar names in D&D

  • Male Names: Aliban, Corrinith, Daamen, Innatoth, Marrinan, Selamain.
  • Female Names: Belaana, Dresina, Genneth, Tiana, Wendethelas

Scourge Aasimar

The Aasimar 5e D&D with the scourging capacity can have the capacity to emblazon the energy that originates from within. This will destroy all types of evil desires in the surroundings. This power is all-consuming and can destroy all types of evil powers. The score increases by one with this character.

In level three, the action of the radiant energy will reveal itself. The lights will radiant that can blind the onlookers. The light can char others who are nearer to the scourge Aasimar Dungeons and Dragons. This energy is the most powerful energy which an Aasimar contains.

The transformation will last for one minute and can finish in the bonus action. You can make the light appear in the ten-foot radius. You can deal with the enemies with the light attacks you possess with the Aasimar.

Fallen Aasimar

The D&D Aasimar who have been exposed to the dark powers when they were young can become dark and evil. Their inner light will be turned into the shadow which can cause great damage to the other living creatures.

This Aasimar pathfinder can also in cease your score by one. The necrotic sound of the fallen Aasimar is like the death cry. The eyes will turn into a sea of darkness which can kill the person standing near to them. The two skeletal wings will appear at the back and can make flying easier.

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The minute the fallen Aasimar transforms the creature in the radius of ten feet can get the charisma or become frightened. The transformation can last for one minute.

You can conduct the extra necrotic damage to the target you prefer. You can attack with the spell or special attacks. You can use the trait until the time of the long rest. These are the divisions of the three kinds of Aasimar in the dungeons and dragons fifth edition.

The celestial legacy

The light cantrip is the most important feature of the Aasimar. When you are in the third level one cast put the lesser restoration spell 5e spell.

After taking the long rest it is good to get a similar ability for the excellent display of these powers. When you are in the fifth level of the game he assumes can cast the light as same as the third level.

A long rest would help to get the spell and use it. The charisma is one of the essential abilities to cast the spell with massive effect.

The statics of the Aasimar 5th Edition D&D

  • The size is of medium proportions
  • The type is of humanoid
  • The tag is the Aasimar
  • The homeland is of the celestial planes and the human planes
  • The sub-races are the deva
  • They have an insightful magnetic personality; can cast the light and celestial heritage

The powerful Celestial champions

To act as the guardian’s good side in the world and Aasimars protect the people from harm. They are expected by their patrons to defeat the evil, to be exemplary and to fight for justice. Through celestial bodies through dreams, the Aasimar receives guidance and vision form very early.

These dreams mould the protector aasimar 5e which grants them knowledge of destiny and also the desire to do the righteous things. Each celestial agent gets guidance from the gods and each Aasimar can count on this guidance. This is typically an angel who acts as a messenger to the world.

They secret Hidden wanderers

The aasimar dnd 5e are vociferous foes of the evil, they deliberately want to keep their profile as low. An Aasimar draws the attention of all of them who would strike the celestial entities if they have any chances for it such as the cultists, friends, and others who hate good.

Aasimar 5e conceals their identity and they would prefer the hood, other gears, and other closed helms.  They never strike the enemies directly at the evil. They do not want to endanger the innocents living out there and this is their secret desire.

The guides of Aasimar

Only the Aasimar 5e PDF who has transformed into an evil being has a connection with the angelic bodies. The deva is the one who is responsible to provide guidance or act as a guide for the Aasimar 5e Race Dnd. This connection between deva and the Aasimar can only be given through dreams.

This guidance provided for them is not directly given either in words but this is indirect guidance. The Aasimar can feel the guidance, they get prophecies and through visions. The angelic bodies are very much omniscient when compared to others.

This guidance can only be understood when they know the laws and the good. This guidance is helpful for them to fight against the evils. When considering the character of the Aasimar they are basically angelic representatives of the celestial world.  There are several names and nature the angelic guide offers you to eliminate the character guide.

The souls which are conflicted

Despite being from a celestial origin Aasimar are considered as mortal beings and they possess the free will.  Many of the Aasimar follow the paths form which they are ordinated. Some consider the curse as their ability.  Few agents of the Aasimar Paladin are evil and some are good.

Evil Aasimar is considered as deadly foes.  When they transform from being good to evil the angelic guides will abandon them. The radiant good power which they have been possessed earlier will become and turn in horrifying magic.

Even the Aasimar Classes who are determined to do well is torn between the two different worlds.  The superior angels who guide them become and monitor them form a distant place and location. An Aasimar will desire to help from the guide to recover from drought may be suggested to put forward a greater request.

The abilities of the Aasimar D&D

It is one of the intelligent and wisest races which cannot be compared with any other. In the dark environment, they get powerful insights to combat invincibly.

The 5e Aasimar Race is more powerful and understands certain objects which others cannot connect with.  It is also very powerful to cast light with their powers and they have the ability to eliminate the darkness. The creature is highly flexible with extreme temperatures and also to the acidic elements.

The psychological facts about them

Many of the people hate the characters which belong to the bloodlines. Some of the characters have unique qualities and there are many prejudices. These creatures have so much empathy from others.  Although the majority of the Aasimar are good some of them do evil things and have evil intentions. They fell into this genre because of the evil gods.


  • The creatures do not reside in the Toril. So they do not have permanent homes such as the planets. The dungeons and dragons are very rare and they were condemned to live with creatures of other races.
  • The Aasimar have a good bond with the kinship even when there is an unspoken understating. Even when there is a conflict even when they have their worn personal feelings both of the teams have taken each of their sides to support each other. One of the popular characters in that is Mulholland as this character describes several social classes.
  • The members who belong to the nobility gave many opportunities for the group of Aasimar. The people who have been a part of the middle class have also later comprised and settled in this region and some of them are craftsmen. The deities were honoured so much by the general population who are thus very religious.

The religions and the magic of them

The characters are very religious as they are associated with the celestial gods. Some of the Aasimar also wanted to transform them into the paladins as they want to serve the gods of heavens. The previously existing soldiers are meant to serve as soldiers to fight for their religious values and belief.

The Aasimar 5e have the power until they are loyal to the oaths and promises they have done. Some of the half breeds do not succeed in upholding their loyalty. Aasimar later served many gods and some of them where humans also.

Angelic Guide


  •  Tadriel
  •  Myllandra
  •  Seraphina
  • Galladia
  • Mykiel
  • Valandras


  • Bookish and lecturing
  •  Compassionate and hopeful
  •  Practical and lighthearted
  •  Fierce and vengeful
  •  Stern and judgmental
  •  Kind and parental